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2018 Women’s Fashion Trends To Be Aware Of

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Sometimes it seems like fashion changes more frequently than you change your bed sheets. This means it can be hard to keep up with what’s going on, so we’ve put together a guide to current trends in women’s fashion. Lace is really popular right now, especially antique-style, romantic-looking lace. It’s also been bought up to date by making lace the whole garment and not just a layer of it. The most common lace items are dresses and skirts, making this a very girly trend.

2018 Women’s Fashion Trends

Maxi dresses are also just as popular this season as they have been over the past couple of years, with pattern designs and cotton and linen still common sights. However, there is a newly emerging trend for sheer maxi skirts and dresses, which are predicted to become really big over the course of the season. They’ve already been seen on various supermodels and catwalks such as Dolce and Gabbana, making this an important trend to watch and see where it goes.

wide leg pant for women

The wide leg pant is also really big this season as part of the current 1970s revival. Most of them are tailored with mid-high waistlines, which make them a great look to wear to the office, especially as you can choose to have either a modern or vintage feel. They’re also great for creating an androgynous look, making them a really versatile trend, particularly if you decide to go for a tailored option. You could also choose to wear the also-popular bellbottom jeans or palazzo pants for a casual alternative.


Stripes are another current trend in women’s fashion. They’re always popular but never more so than now when stripes have become the focus of an outfit. They are here as part of the nautical theme and you’ll be able to find both thin and thick stripes, most commonly in navy and white. For a daring yet cute look, try teaming a striped top with a pretty floral skirt. While tops are the most common stripy item, you can also find hats, dresses and jackets.

Fashion Trends for Women Styles

Our last suggestion is the jumpsuit or playsuit, which is another really big current trend. They’re great for both night and day wear, particularly if you go for a tailored option. Alternatively, you could make a really unusual style statement with loud prints and interesting design features that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. You could also embrace the season’s hippy trend with a loose and flowing jumpsuit or perhaps create a glamorous evening look with a one-shouldered, sequined affair.

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