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Spring is coming and with a change of seasons often comes the desire to shake up your style a bit. I know for me that often includes changing my hairstyle and make up and going for a new wonderful and modern look.

Spring is a sparkling and zealous time of the year, while this upcoming season will exceed expectations of fashionable women, and makeup fanatics alike. Spring 2018 is finally here, and amidst the energetic season, comes the arrival of fresh, vibrant beauty trends. Spring will consist of an array of many looks, from the zest of bright, neon lipstick and bold makeup, to the simplicity of sleek hairstyles. There’s certainly a spring beauty trend to please every taste, and individual style.

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Nude, flesh toned lips have been in style for years, while muted pouts are however, completely forgotten upon transition into spring 2018. Springtime revives playful makeup, as it’s now time to trade in your tired nude shade for a vivid, “stand-out” shade of lip color.

Zesty, neon lips are virtue in the approaching spring, and summer months of 2018. While bright sherbet lips, and variations of fruity hues, should refresh your cosmetic collection this season. Orange and fuchsia, matte lips are essential in this beauty trend, with potential to flatter one’s pout to divine perfection. The routine addition of lip gloss is however, deemed unnecessary, especially with the seasonal statement of loud, colorful lips. Excessive eye makeup is also unfitting to a bold lip, as attention should be drawn to the unforgettable, gorgeous pout.

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Although flashy lips are a major makeup trend, intense eye makeup is also prevalent in 2018, spring fads. Purple and other jewel tone hues are remarkable examples of pleasantly vibrant, yet versatile choices of eye shadow. Violets are generally fitting to every skin tone, as they vary in an extensive selection, to accommodate most ladies.

While purple is the designated shadow color of springtime, other bright hues are also considerably stylish. The basic idea is to however, embrace vivid colors through eye makeup and also, enjoy the unique wonders of cosmetics. Remember that spring is a wonderful time for self expression, especially among your own, makeup experimentation.


The perfect hairstyle is virtue to the creation of any look, chic hairdos are nonetheless, paramount trends in spring 2018 beauty. Slicked back locks are noted as a current, springtime favorite, as this sleek style can add edge to simple ponytails and buns. A trendy “wet look,” can be achieved easily with a ponytail holder, a dab of styling gel to mold, and assemble hair into a polished style.

decorative barrettes

A few decorative barrettes can incorporate flair into a countless, variety of hairstyles. A jeweled hair pin will efficiently hold lengthy bangs, especially amidst the lucid, warmer times of the year. While the modern convenience, and glamor of a jeweled hair piece, is another fabulous yet functional, seasonal trend. This upcoming season will surely bring dynamic fads, and trends to reflect the vivacious, springtime essence.

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