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Expert Comparison of 3 Famous Rolex Watches : Submariner, Daytona, Datejust

Rolex Watches

For the watch lovers, when you ore choosing a watch always to accompany you on any occasion or anywhere you go, it is essential that you select a watch that will give you the appropriate features. Consider a watch that will match almost all your clothes since you will have to put on a watch daily. The watch should be unique and durable not that which will be spoil over a short period. The clock should have a real coating that will not fade away leaving you behind with horrible color that is not attractive at all.

For those who are interested in activities such as racing or driving, then you should not worry anymore about you doing your activities without a watch. Rolex offers smart watches that are designed with those specific features to suit the events.

Three of the most impressive models that one should consider having is the Rolex Daytona, the Submariner, and the Datejust. However, which among the three is the best for one to have? For one to get an answer to the question, you have to have a keen examination of the features of each.

Rolex Submariner

It is explicitly designed to be used by the divers. It means it is water resistant. It was introduced many years ago after many people urged the firm to come up with a very durable and beautiful diving watch. The watch had to be safe for the divers to use it. It was to help the diver not to struggle to see the time while underwater. It links the one wearing it with the underwater world. It is designed specifically to be used while underwater for exploration and diving.

It mimics an oyster shell, the shell gives a screw down return, bezel and a screw dawn water resistant winding crown, thus preventing water from entering its interior. This type of watch was invented first by Rolex. It is also protected from dust, shock, pressure, making sure that the watch does not stop working.

Accompanying the oyster case is the oyster stainless bracelet that is made of steel; it is comfortable and robust while on it. Its oyster lock fastener resists accidents from occurring especially when opening it. The Oyster bracelet is for allowing one to have fine adjustments without using any tool. Hence, it can be easily altered for one to put it on over the diving suit.

Diving features

Rolex Submariner

Other features that the Submariner oyster has included, a rotatable bezel which is engraved with one-hour graduations. It allows the diver to correctly and safely observe the time they take to dive, and the decompression stops they make. The bezel is also virtually scratch proof that is made from the hard, corrosion-free ceramic material.

Because diving can take someone to a dark area or a place that has low visibility, the chromatic light has some light that comes from the dial, which is blue. The light lasts for more than seven hours before it switches off.

Rolex Daytona

It has a very high driving speed that is thrilling and has an engine that is revving. When speed is your primary objective, then capturing time will be a difficult thing to happen. The Rolex Oyster Daytona will be the perfect thing for the individuals who are looking for high performance, a fire engine in a watch and the artisanship not forgetting the need to have a watch that has good speed. Daytona is the best of Rolex brands that is waterproof, reliable, and self-winding among many other useful features that it has.

Features of the Daytona

Rolex Daytona

Many years back, the Daytona turned out to be the chief Oyster model in the professional range that was accessible in platinum. It has same unique ice blue dial, which is exclusive to its Rolex model of Platinum. It is made with same large monobloc material bezel. The material is an exceptional innovation which gives an extraordinary resistance to scratch and offers an aesthetic and beautiful appearance when one is wearing it. Although it does not produce light as the Submariner does, it is also water resistant. It means that one can use it even when using water because it cannot be spoil when subjected to water.

It comes in many different colors and styles that enable one to match the various clothes that you have and different styles. It is the best since one can use the watch on separate other occasions with the dresses matching to the events. The clock will match all types of colors that you will choose to wear.

Rolex Datejust

It is a Rolex type new arch type of the many classic watches in their brands. Aesthetically, it has spanned areas´╝îand some retentive and durable codes that make it, particularly in its traditional types. It is one of the greatest documented and best watches.

Model Features

Rolex Datejust

It has rare but precious platinum that is conspicuous bringing about the silver whiteness and vibrant brilliance. The Datejust is made up of the heaviest and densest metal hence making it durable to last longer. It has a prestigious president bracelet. It is always in solid platinum and gold; this makes the bracelet to have a unified visual steady between the bracelet and the case. A new generation concealed crown clasp, that is unlocked with a hinged Rolex crown, adds the last aesthetic and functional bit to this extravagant bracelet as this is most important ever to a number of people.


Rolex will not disappoint you at any point. It has the best of all watch brands that are specially built to suit your expectations. Consider purchasing one and enjoy the unlimited benefits. With Rolex watches, you are assured of haying a long-lasting watch that will not fail you in any way. It should be your decision to select the watch that suits you best. Consider the different features of each as far as it is well known ever.

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