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So Far The Best Spring & Summer Couture Collections from Chanel

2012 Chanel Spring Summer Couture

The Chanel Spring Summer 2012 Couture collection offers a blend of elegance and functionality, and has always managed to surprise the audience. Karl Lagerfeld organized the show in a special frame, in the shape of a plane. The designer proposed to reinvent the vintage uniform of the flight attendants.

A mix of navy blue, blue, gay and small metallic accents formed the color palette of the collection. The design of clothing pieces followed a simple rule. Low-waist dresses and high collars but also dresses with ample sleeves and precious applications stood out. Structures from rich beads and crystals, specific elements of Chanel couture collections, dressed the elegant cocktail dresses. By mixing elements Lagerfeld created an ethereal and captivating collection.

Chanel Spring Summer 2012 Couture

The presentation of Chanel fashion house brought together classic vintage-inspired clothing pieces with modern, extravagant ones. Karl Lagerfeld proposes medium dresses, costumes with knee length skirts, puffed tops that mark the waist, but also dresses long to the ground.

Chanel trends for the spring-summer season bring forward over sized shoulders, transparencies, frills, clippings and tights with rhinestones. In terms of accessories, the designer offers long earrings and simple shoes with straps around the ankle. This tiime Lagerfeld gave up on extravagant shoes and relied on more traditional and accessible options.

Chanel Builds a Life-Size Plane

As always some couture creations have been personalized through very detailed embroidery. Among the clothes that stood out in the collection are a dress with petals made of black beads, but also models made entirely of sequins and shiny rhinestones.

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