Tips for Preparing Wedding on a Tight Budget

Wedding Prepare

All women, since childhood, dream of the perfect wedding day, same get even obsessed with a breathtaking dress, astonishing coiffure, unique bridesmaid’s dress, stupendous cake and catering, but the real important thing, what really matters is that this ceremony means the beginning of a new life, a new path to be share with that special someone, our soul mate, an once in a lifetime day to be remembered not as a budget nightmare, but as one of the best and outstanding day of our lives.

The first thing you need to understand is that a wedding should not be synonym of stress, empty bank account and despair, it should be about love, blessedness and bliss, it is a whole new life waiting for you and you need to focus on what matters the most, the meaning of the ceremony and the afterwards, the cosines and easement of your new home should be the priority, the wedding party must be a moment to share our happiness with all those important people in your life, so let’s make it a blissful time.

Wedding Planning

The essential is to have a budget, to know how many money we have to spare in each detail of the coming event, this is fundamental to start our journey to the wedding day.

Lights, Camera… Let’s do it!

The Venue

Wedding Venue

One of the most important and expensive part of our budget list is the location, where the gathering will take place that is why it is in the top of the list. To rent a place is very expensive an unnecessary, the event can be celebrated in a neat, appealing backyard or maybe if you are lucky enough there’s a friend or relative that has a restaurant and can rent it for a low price, or even give you that as wedding gift. There is also the choice to have the celebration on a beautiful beach, if you have one of those sea lover spirits. You could be surprised how a normal place can turn in a magical one with just some little decor.

The Lovely Sprinkle

Wedding Sprinkle

Decoration can be magical, there are many web pages like Pinterest that can be very handy to catch deco ideas, a simple piece of fabric or paper, a plain jar, can be turn into a wonderful deco garnish, you would be amazed how simple, fun and inexpensive it could be to make your own decoration with friends and family, you don’t even need to buy expensive natural flowers, though they are beautiful you will not need them at all, maybe you will miss the smell, but if the venue is in open backyard you won’t even notice that. Candles are also great idea, you can make a table center piece out of a candle vase adorned with cinnamon sticks, not only is a beautiful idea but your place will smell great.

Fairytale Dreamed Gown

Fairytale Dreams Gown

The childish dream, the every woman fantasy, to wear a perfect fairy tale princess’s dress, like the ones we grow up seeing in the Disney’s movies, who doesn’t want to be Cinderella at least once in lifetime? Well, to be a princess in your special day could be possible and not necessarily expensive, you can either rent stunning gown for a low price, buy a beautiful dress not intended to be a wedding dress and add some garnish to give it a special look or even get some dress from a friend or relative, maybe your mother dress, which is a sentimental, intimate choice, make a slight modification, and voila you will have a new marvelous dress for your own, for less than you ever wonder.

Sweet Little Detail

Wedding Cake

Many brides to be, spend an obscene amount of money in a wedding cake, but let’s be honest girls, as fabulous as it may be, it is not necessary to hire Duff Goldman to have a fantastic tasty cake in our special day. There is always a friend a close relative maybe your favorite aunt or your beloved granny, that has this special talent in the kitchen and can make a beautiful cake with few not so expensive ingredients, and to give a gentle decor touch, add some natural flowers or some paper flowers.

The Love mark – Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Yes, the symbol of everlasting love and the final vow of fidelity and respect, the truth is that we cannot take them out of the scene, but we can save a good amount of money if we choose some slender design, more light and inexpensive, also you can choose a silver made set, silver is always less expensive than gold and it is lovely too, but still, if this doesn’t persuade you and you are a head over heels golden glitter lover you can get some of your own jewelry and take it to a trusted jeweler and ask him to turn this into your wedding ring’s set, anyway you will be saving some coins.

The Appetizers

Wedding Reception Food

To contract a catering service is impractical and it is not precisely a two-bit, instead you can save a good amount of money, requesting a local fast food restaurant to make the appetizers for you, at a very low cost, you can have, chicken wings, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, cinnamon rolls, tiny pizzas, apple pie, brochette bread, onion rings, broccoli bites, French fries, so variety will not be a problem. You can add some cheese and charcuterie assortment to complete your snacks.

Freeze This Moment Forever in Time

Wedding Photographer

Of course we all love photos, it is a way to travel back time, it is like to capture in an glimpse all the happiness of this special day, but you don’t need to hire a professional photographer all night to keep your memories forever, instead you can hire a small photo session with the Pro, to get some elegant pictures before the wedding and for on the wedding day photos all you have to do is create a group in Facebook and invite all of your guest so they can upload the wedding pictures and share it with you. You will save tons of money this is for sure.

The Journey of Their Lives


If you don’t want to turn honeymoon into money moon, there are some ways you can have a marvelous trip without spending a dime. If you have a wanderer soul and always wanted to visit new places, what a better way to do it than spend that special afterwards time with your partner in life, this is one of the most thrilling moments of this stage in your life, to save some money you can request all your guest to pay for your honeymoon package as a wedding cluster gift, your maid of honor can take care of it, not only is better for your friends as they will have to pay only for a crumb of the package, but it is great for you too because, seriously, what are you going to do with two or three blenders, coffee maker or any of those stuff?

The Sound of Happiness

There’s no real celebration without a bit of music an in, isn’t it, but you don’t need to hire a Pro to guarantee a good music compilation, taking the time you can make your own dance songs playlist and save it in an MP3 player or laptop and all you will need will be a set of good speakers and a person to be your DJ, could be one of those music lovers friends, you can hire for a law price. Enjoy the journey to your wedding, make it special, have an amazing unforgettable day!

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