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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Hiking Backpack for Beginners

Backpacking is one of the best ways to explore the outdoors during summer and give a treat to your adventurous soul. Basically, it is an adventure that blends hiking with backcountry camping. The best things about backpacking is that it broadens your horizon and it connects you to the nature and your surrounding in a much closer way.

However, while you are choosing a backpack for the first time, you need to keep a few things in mind. When you decide to go for a best hiking backpack, follow the below tips for choosing the best one.

Best Hiking Backpack

1. How Long Is Your Trip

You will find so many varieties and options available for a backpack; with different sizes, colors and materials. But before you decide on anything else, you need to choose the right size of your backpack. To choose a proper size, keep in mind how long your trip is going to be? The longer the trips are, more the gears will be. So, if you are going for a longer trip, you will require a larger backpack. If not, you can opt for a medium size one.

2. Choose a Water-Resistant Material

You may not require a 100% water-proof hiking backpack. But what you require is water-resistant backpack. This will help you get along properly with anything that you have in your backpack even when it is drizzling. In case, if you are unable to find a quality water-resistant material, you should opt for a material which doesn’t stay wet for long even if it gets wet. Look for materials that are thick, but lightweight and easy to¬†carry along.

Hiking Backpack for Beginners

3. Look for Zippers that are Lockable

Buy a backpack which has two zippers in each compartment. This will allow you io lock your zippers and keep your belongings safely. While traveling, using such locked zippers will actually help you in many ways. Even if you are net worried about your dirty clothes being siolen, you should still be locking your zippers for other safety purposes.

4. Look for Backpacks with Internal Frames

Backpacks nowadays come with internal frames. Which means, the support rods of the backpack and the frames are built inside the backpack itself. You cannot see them from outside, but the provide enough support that you require.

The external frames of a hiking backpack make your backpack look bulgier and those are old scuffs. You should opt for backpacks with internal frames. Those are not only trendy, but also very affordable and easy to use.

Mountain Hiking Backpack

5. Look for backpacks with padded hip belts and shoulder straps

For both safely measures and comfort, the hip belt of the backpack matters a lot. Most of your backpack’s weight is carried by your hip and therefore it needs a lot of support. The hip belt of your backpack helps to provide that support around your hip and back. But a backpack with a padded hip belt which will make your journey more comfortable.

However, when it comes to shoulder straps, those should be padded as well. The padded shoulder straps will make it easier for you to carry the weight of your hiking backpack more comfortably without putting too much pressure en your shoulders. As a result, you will feel less pressure on your lower back as well. Ensure that the padding of the straps are very thick and are made of one piece material.

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