6 Tips on Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in 2018

Planning an outdoor wedding can be a dream come true. Surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors with family and friends makes for a very elegant and classy wedding. This type of wedding requires extensive organization, planning, flexibility and attention to detail.  Here are some tips to help plan that perfect outdoor wedding.

#1 Be Flexible

Ever hear of the saying “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”, unfortunately that can be true in some areas. Plan ahead for the unexpected. A tent will provide shelter¬† for your guests from the sun, rain, wind or heat. Remember that the sun peaks during the afternoon so you may want to plan an early morning wedding. Some of your guests may not cope well in extreme heat so fans may be needed. Citronella candles are suggested to keep those unwanted guests away. If all else fails have an indoor facility available in case you are faced with uncooperative weather.

#2 Rental of some Amenities

You want to keep your guests as comfortable as possible. Renting some amenities such as port-o-potties, tents, fans, heaters, lights, dance floor, tables and chairs. You may need to rent a generator to accommodate your electrical needs.

#3 Catering

Choose a caterer that is experience in outdoor weddings. They should be knowledgeable in what type of foods can appropriately be served outdoors. Have plenty of water available for your guests.

#4 Location, Location, Location

Some outdoor areas may not have all the amenities you need to have the wedding of your dreams. Ask questions such as if a permit is needed, limit on number of guests, is alcohol allowed, adequate parking. Take time to look into this before you decide on a location.

#5 Proper Wedding Attire

If you would like to have an outdoor wedding a long heavy dress with a long train and heels may cause problems. A dress made of a light weight fabric, and shoes that will not sink in the ground would be ideal. For the groomsmen avoid heavy tuxedos and jackets.

Have fun in planning your outdoor wedding ceremony. Remember this will be one of the most joyous days of your life.

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