How to Picke the Perfect Camo Wedding Dress

Not every woman dreams of having a fairytale wedding and being a blushing bride in white.  Fortunately, designers have come to this realization, as well. Now, a bride-to-be in search of the perfect dress for her wedding has tons of options to choose from.  One niche option that is growing in popularity is for women who want to incorporate camouflage into their wedding scheme; they can now have a camo wedding dress.

Many women enjoy outdoor activities like hunting, and they often end up with someone that has similar interests and is willing to become a part of their long term sporting team. It only stands to reason that their special day may include a little bit of their shared passion in the way of a camouflage-themed wedding. As a result of this trend, designers are starting to make camouflage dresses in a wide variety of available styles.

Locating the Perfect Camouflage Dress

There are numerous online shops where outdoorsy couples can find both camo gowns and camo accessories. In fact, there are a few online boutiques that have made camouflage weddings their specialty.  It may even surprise you when you discover that even traditional wedding gown vendors may carry a variety of these unique dresses, as well.

Ladies who wish to try on their dresses before making a final decision can work with an onsite retailer to bring in gowns that may not be readily in stock. Naturally, there is always the option of finding a seamstress to tailor-make a camo dress to the bride’s exact specifications.

Different Styles of Camo Gowns

Camo-loving brides are sure to be pleasantly surprised with the different styles of camo gowns that are available to them.

  •  There are full length camo gowns cut in a traditional princess design, but that are simply made out of the preferred camouflage fabric.
  • For those ladies who prefer to have a semblance of the traditional ‘white wedding,’ there are dresses with flowing white fabric accented with camo embellishments.
  • Another interesting design includes a camouflage dress lined in pink satin.
  • One striking design mingles the traditional with the creative. It incorporates a mixture of the white wedding gown with veins of camo incorporated throughout the material.
  • Still another interesting look has an A-line camouflage gown with an orange crinoline poking out cleverly from beneath.

All of these dresses come in every cut, length and size imaginable. Any dress that is found in the traditional, white style can likewise be found with a camouflage flare, and for comparable prices.

Incorporating the Camouflage Theme Throughout

Not only are outdoor couples seeking dresses with a camo theme, many of them are also striving to create an entirely camo themed wedding. The same stores that carry camo wedding dresses also often offer matching camo wedding accessories like ring boy pillows and flower girl baskets. The groom can accessorize his tux to match his lovely bride’s gown, and so can the groomsmen, bridesmaids and other wedding party members. Don’t forget about the garter and ribbons for the bouquet! The possibilities are endless when you really get to thinking about what all can be camouflaged on your wedding day.  Any little thing can be given a distinct outdoorsy flare with just a little camo. Even custom camouflage cakes can be created for the couple.

While traditional weddings still hold appeal for many, there is a growing segment of people that want something more  than a white wedding.  Camouflage themed weddings are growing in appeal and it’s a trend that is bound to be around for a while.  Couples wishing to incorporate their shared hunting lifestyle with their wedding well-wishers, will be ecstatic to find that wedding dresses, shoes, and other accessories can all be found with a camouflage design.

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