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Men’s Underwear – What’s Your Favorite Fashionable Styles?

Men's Underwear

Men’s underwear may not be the most thrilling area of fashion in the world, but it’s amazing the variety you can still find even in this most necessary, practical and comfortable area of clothing choice. Here are some of the key ones. One of the most popular styles of underwear is the Y front. They’re cut a bit like women’s bikini style underwear and are most commonly made out of cotton. You can get them in loads of different colors.

Next up on our list is the trusty boxer shorts, which are also really popular with men the world over. These come in loads of styles, meaning they’re really versatile. Go for a pair with patterns for something a bit different or change it up by getting some made out of luxurious silk or satin rather than the traditional cotton. The fact they’re styled like shorts – as the name suggests – means that they’re loose around your leg so they’re generally really comfortable.

Boxer briefs are fairly similar to boxer shorts with one key difference – they fit more snugly around your legs, meaning that light cotton is a really good fabric for this style of underwear as it makes sure they’re really breathable as well as being streamlined. They’re also a pretty affordable style of underwear and are suitable for everyone, so you could maybe get a selection of different colors and patterns so you have some for every day of the week.

Men’s Underwear Fashionable Styles

Another great, really practical option in men’s underwear is the thermal. These are, naturally, absolutely great for cold weather as they help to keep your core body temperature where it should be without the need to wear quite so many layers over the top. This makes them great if you’re the sporty type who likes to participate no matter the weather in sports such as jogging or skiing. Thermals, and therefore less layers, mean that you’ll be less restricted when you’re moving around.

Finally, we have thermal underwear’s big brother, the longjohn. These may not be terribly cool but they’ll keep you warm when it’s cool outside. Made from insulating layers of knitted fabric, you can get them as an all-in-one body suit for total insulation, or just get the version designed for your lower half. Either will be great for keeping you really warm, and no one’s going to see them so you don’t need to worry about not being trendy. Plus, they have to be more comfortable than a thong, right?

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