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Some Advice for Men’s Smart-Casual Look

Guide for Men's Smart-Casual Look

For a lot of men, it can often seem like fashion is something that’s best left to women, but a little bit of attention to your wardrobe can go a long way. One look that’s easy to achieve and looks great on every man is the smart-casual look. Starting with a pair of decent pants – stick to dark colors such as charcoal grey, as this is sophisticated as well as practical. It goes with anything. Chinos are great here, or alternatively, you could try a pair of dark jeans.

It’s also important to get the shirt right. There’s a wide array of shirts available for men these days, but if you’re going for the smart-casual look, go for a button-down rather than a tee. A good material such as cotton or a silk-blend will look good with anything and if you go with neutral colors, your look will be able to take you from the office to a restaurant for dinner and back again. Midnight blue is a good color, as is bottle green or deep burgundy.

Men's Smart-Casual Look Guide

You might think that no one notices your shoes, but a bad pair of shoes is sure to make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. Stick with a sleek black shoe as you can be sure this will look stylish without being obvious. You could choose either a discreet lace-up or smart loafer; both of these will look fantastic with almost any outfit and allow you to go from smart to casual in an instant. Consider it an investment as a good pair of shoes will last ages.

No one wants to freeze for fashion, so make sure you include a good sweater or two in your smart-casual wardrobe, letting you wrap up warm while still looking great. Try a V-neck sweater over a button-down shirt in complementary colors for an instantly brilliant look. Or why not keep your neck warm with a stylish turtleneck; they not only keep out the cold but look great, particularly in muted colors such as black, green, navy or grey. You can also wear them with anything.

Men's Smart-Casual

You may not pay much attention to accessories, but they really can add a lot to an outfit, lifting it from boring and ordinary to the height of sophistication. Try a pair of sleek leather gloves for instant style and warmth. Another great accessory for the cold fall and winter months is a wool scarf that you can use to keep warm as well as looking fabulous. Try a scarf in dark blue with lighter blue pinstripes for a flash of brighter color, adding an individual flare to your look.

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