Want Silk Wedding Flowers? Do It Yourself!

diy silk wedding flowers

Have you thought about silk flowers? Not the ones you’ll find in the attic! Silk flowers have come a long way, and they won’t wilt on a hot day or soak on a wet day. Best yet, your flowers will last long after you say ‘I do.’

Stores like Michael’s, Pearl Arts & Crafts, and HobbyWorld are great places to start. Here are 8 easy steps to preparing flowers that will impress your guests and your wallet:

  1. Find a local craft store that carries silk flowers.
  2. Select your flowers, filler greenery, and bouquet holder.
  3. Bundle your arrangement and use wire cutter to trim stems.
  4. Slide into large size bouquet holder.
  5. Wrap stems with floral tape. Wrap stems with tulle or tie with ribbon.
  6. Use the same steps above to create attendants bouquets, using a small to medium size bouquet holder.
  7. To create boutonnieres and corsages, cut flower stem down, wrap with floral tape and insert pin (optional – tie ribbon in to bow on stem of corsage).
  8. To create center pieces tie a few flowers with ribbons and place in vases.

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