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What Outfit is Proper for Fitness?

Proper Gym Outfit

If this spring or summer we rode the yacht, then attended gala events in sumptuous outfits, now it’s time to learn the appropriate and proper outfit for fitness. You have checked the following:

Proper Fitness Outfit

  • Tight, flexible T-shirt, with support for breasts, made from cotton mixed with Lycra;
  • If you are not a fan of tight clothes on your body, you can opt for a cotton shirt XXL, but not necessarily accompanied by a bra;
  • Long tights, midi or trousers;
  • A full tracksuit if you go out running through the park;
  • For trendy women there is the colored version of a body top associated with a pair of black leggings;
  • Headband;
  • Leggings;
  • Comfortable shoes, specially designed for the sport you practice;
  • Sweatshirt;
  • Cap if you are outdoors;
  • 100% cotton socks;
  • A monokini and a pair of tights;
  • Sports underwear.

Do not forget!

Proper Clothing for Exercise

For fitness, Zumba, aerobics, tae-bo, Pilates or jogging you should not dress just anyway. Street clothes and shoes with high soles, heels or accessories have no place in the fitness scene, and proper clothing should include several basic components essential to the smooth running of an hour of exercise.


Fitness Accessories

  • Watch;
  • Towel;
  • Bottle with water or sports drink with vitamins.

Hair style

Fitness Hair style

When you say sport activity, say tight hair. You can opt for a ponytail, a bun or braids. Hanging hair strands bother and heat you up, so the best option is to catch them up. When you get home after a hard workout, wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and top it with a conditioner or a mask.


Fitness Makeup

A woman who respects herself will not even go to the corner of the block without putting on makeup, so there are some products that you can use when playing sports or working out. A thermal water sprayed on the skin for freshness, a waterproof mascara and lip balm-treatment or colorless gloss are sufficient for exercising. Ah, do not forget what’s important: an good quality antiperspirant that keeps you fresh throughout the sporting activity! Go to a fitness center, what are you waiting for?

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